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Andropause Treatment Wilmington NC

The gradual decline of testosterone and DHEA is the key to changes in male health and vitality. While many medical experts acknowledge andropause as an age-related condition, the general public and too many physicians still do not recognize the term or see it as a natural challenge of aging. In its prime, 95% of male testosterone is made by the testicles in response to signals from the brain. Over the years, the signal gets weaker, and aging testes are less likely to respond. The hormonal downturn typically begins in the late 30s/early 40s, and by his 70s, a man's testosterone levels may have dropped by one-third to one-half.

The first thing a man usually notices as his hormone levels taper off is a subtle downward shift in strength and energy. He may lose enthusiasm for the things he used to enjoy, the challenge of work, competition, and sexual activity. Fatigue may set in more quickly, especially after exercise. If your youthful energy has faded to a distant memory, chances are hormones are involved!

Optimal levels of testosterone and DHEA help provide the virility, stamina, and drive in men. When they decline (typically beginning around age 40), metabolic changes occur that can sap energy and strength. If testosterone levels fall low enough to create "estrogen dominance," restful sleep patterns may begin to suffer. Inadequate sleep obviously contributes to fatigue.

Stress, too, may play a role. Chronic stress especially (ongoing stress that lasts three months or more) negatively affects hormone production, contributing to imbalances that derail metabolic processes designed to promote energy and vitality.

Testosterone plays a key role in body composition and fat cell metabolism. When testosterone levels begin to drop, men lose lean muscle mass and add on the pounds, particularly around the abdomen. The change in body composition has more impact than just "a spare tire." Multiple studies show that men with low testosterone are at increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Lower testosterone levels are also associated with a loss of muscle mass and strength.

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