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The sexual health specialists at Synergy Medical are happy to provide residents of Wilmington NC, and the surrounding area with expertise and treatment for improving their sexual health. If you are interested in learning more, please call us or schedule an appointment through our website.

Sexual health refers to much more than being able just barely perform or the absence of sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD or STI). It also encompasses reproductive health, healthy relationships, or the ability to be intimate without the fear of underperforming. We strive to help you as an individual experience overall well-being, safety, and satisfaction with intimacy and a fulfilling sex life. At Synergy Medical, our physicians and sexual health specialists are committed to helping our clients achieve peak sexual performance by providing effective therapies that allow each person to achieve optimal sexual health. Our services are effective, comprehensive safe, and highly valued while suited for both men or women.

Sexual health affects many aspects of our lives, from our relationships along with mental, physical, and emotional health. Studies have shown that optimal sexual health can provide numerous benefits, such as a stronger immune system, improved mental health, better sleep, lowered blood pressure, increased heart health, and more! Having good sexual health implies that an individual first recognizes that living with the age or illness related declines in sexual performance do not need to be accepted as part the advancing years. Synergy Medical has many safe and effective treatments to change your life and bring that spark back to your intimately.

Our therapies our customized to fit your specific priorities, goals, and specific special health needs. You do not need to wait any longer to get back on the road to amazing sexual health. Some of these services include the following: Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and Hormone Balancing.

We Can Treat Conditions and Issues Such As Those Listed Below:

• Andropause symptoms, also known as male menopause

• Hormonal disorders or imbalances

• Irregular menstrual cycles

• Menopausal symptoms

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